Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poetry - Happiness...

Happiness… by The Ryan Phipps

Happiness…it evades me, it escapes me

Oddly enough I’m not racing in my chasing

I’m pacing. I’m not waiting.

Just feel no need for breaking

Just don’t have anything to make me

Happiness…it slows down, it spins around

Runs backwards, me it’s facing

Yet still I see no need for my speed to be increasing

It’s not leaving…it was never here

I don’t miss it because it was never near

If I wrote a letter, it’d never Dear.

It’s To Whom because I don’t know who

Since the womb this has been true

And till my tomb it’s what do

Because it does and its doing

Far from tardy, smiles are so truant

And to get to them, the miles are so affluent