Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lil' Bit (JOATMON)

This is to my Lil' Bit
Apart of me you still have a little bit
Can't no woman touch, it can't be fiddled with
Sometimes in my dreams I can see your silhouette
I race to embrace, then wake up with my pillow wet
I can feel your head, laying in my chest
Wish it wasn't from memory; I'm praying for your best
The time we had was short, but moments last forever
So in those late nights and early mornings we will live forever
Why couldn't we weather, those stupid things that never
really can protect you from life's weather?
Can't hold you like coat or shield you like an umbrella
Selfish motives broke our ties, they the knives that severed
Us from us, I was s without u
Susceptible to it all, I was less without you
I guess I was too hardheaded
Ganja being more important than me, I couldn't accept it
In you I loaned so much interest, I didn't want to let it
Go uncollected-I am unapologetic
For wanting the best for you, I know your potential
If you made it kinetic, your future is exponential
I remember the first time I met you, so eventful
Beautiful without the makeup, face full of pimples
Hello Kitty kitten with a throwed off mental
Hardheaded and rock-hearted from all the bull she been through
While I wished things would have worked between us
If you didn't want to work it wouldn't have worked between us
I'm not happy that in our novel, we only lived the preface
But i am elated to know that we even existed
I know that the story is waiting for us to script it
Pages into chapters, Chapters in to books
Volumes of us rising to the bottom of God's foot
So this little bit, goes out to my Lil' Bit
Big thing in a small package, way more than a little bit...
to me....

Jack of All Trades...Master of None