Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Loved College (TRP and Asher Roth)

Seems like I blinked...and flew by these four years
After these last twelve hours there will be no more years
Yea there's grad school, but it's not undergraduate
Noodles in the cabinet
But you've got plenty canibus
You couldn't pass calculus
Like it was a freshman with a fat ass and tits
Class can get a little boring
That's why i keep my hoddie on low and pray I'm not snoring
Its easier to get Aids than Financial Aid
Between books and rent, I'm surprised I even came today
Between road tripping and po pimping my schedules stacked
Scheduling class around whose letting you smash
Everclear is water, only two shots to get gone
Hit the Frat parties to do Keg stands with key stone
Hell I have gotten more MIPs than As
21 I couldn't wait to see that day
Greeks compete for whose the owtest
At step shows its more like who's the loudest
Deltas and KAs beefing
Alphas and Kappas creeping
Zetas and signmas are scatterd
Iotas and Rhos don't matter
Roo to the Bruhs-Be OWT QUES
And as soon as I get over this hangover I'll be owt too