Sunday, December 7, 2008

Poetry - Cracked

I took my previous poem Addiction, and went deeper, or at least tried to. I wanted to show the confusion, how someone looses themselves in their addiction. Where the drug becomes them.


Look through the eyes of a crack head, the world of a dope fiend
In my life I just backped, the world is a smokescreen
I live for the fog, I can’t stand the haze
I live in the drug, I can’t stand the days

Nights in the light, but my eyes unshaded
In the fight for my life, but it is so jaded,
Jagged, as the rocks laced with hatred

I don’t know if I’m in control or being controlled
Or maybe just a controller plugged into the console
This miracle material makes me immaterial
I don’t know if it’s my component or a peripheral

The machie mineral, man made, but man look what its made me
In no rush to exit the damn maze, Do you think that I’m crazy?
Or do you think that I’m lazy?
I work hard to work hard, Look at all that it gave me….

Look at what all I gave it
The traitor and the one’s that traded
Sold my self to the syringe slave ship
I ain’t got no willing, because my stones are enslavement
I ain’t got no ceiling, because my home is the pavement

That’s why I get as high as I can, because I already exist in my grave pit…