Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1st and 15th (JOATMON)

Pulling in thirty K, paying off Sallie Mae
Finding access to success through the alleyways
Thought school was an alley-oop to fair ways in Calloways
But when that galaxy found gravity, fell the facade of fallacy
Hourly what the fuck is salary
IDK what salad is feasted on my sorrows to the morrow- devoured me
Got fat off my fears and "coulda been" calories
Never thought I'd be a drone
Never thought I'd be a clone
Single for three years never thought I'd be alone
Graduated highest honors never thought I'd get a loan
Got that refund check how did I ever get along
Fresh crib, fresh whip, stocked fridge with a phone
Cuz I was balling in college, I may never get a home
In heartbreaks hotel and mediocrity's motel
Apartments of Apathy Who Cares, O'Well
Dreams of Pulitzers, Oscars, Grammys and Nobels
The tragedy of imagining...Who Cares, O'Well
So sails my yacht of youth, salutations to my wants
In debt to credit and them bills debit first of the month
....clocking in...
....checking out...

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Monday, December 27, 2010

Long Gone (JOATMON)

You don't know what you feel...
Because you feel who you don't know
You don't know whats real
You just sit back and wait for the truth to show
Yea its gonna bug me for you to go
I can see it all, it happened so quick but its moving slow
The smile, the raise eyed brow, scowl, straight face
You just go out outta danger, thought you were in a safe place
In you i found more potential regret than a thousand men could forget
Never ever thought I'd be checked
You started playing checkers with pieces for chess
I thought I could be the greatest champion of this challenge
But you straight cross me over like when Jordan met Allen
That stumble wont hurt my legacy
but i''ll always wonder the deposits in the accounts that we left of We
Accrue interest of something we'll never see
What was aint what is, what we were will never be
We are what we are you know damn well I could have took you the stars boo
But I aint gonna argue, you was either gonna leave now or leave later
Sister girl, we hatched something that was a gift for the creator
Before our love bird could fly it had to sing its swan song
I was going long, looked around, and you were Long...Gone
...So long lone

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eriCalifornia (JOATMON)

You took the sunshine away from Texas
...well from me when you took your exit
Cali dreaming became your reality
Living your dreams became my fatality
1 of 3 but really 1 of 1
Exclusive, elusive... 1 of none

Our perfect match was riddled with indecision
On my part, on my heart were still gaps from her incision
I was still bleeding couldn't you see the bandages?
I still needed healing

But you didn't want to wait though
I never thought the miles could be extended between Denton and Waco
Hours became days
We went months without talking even the shade started to fade
We both have put people on the bus
Passengers and Drivers of Broken Heart Anonymous
We like to pretend that it'll happen someday
Some way, one day right now is just a really long Sunday

Who knows if its a vacation
Since us has been vacated, others have tried to make accommodations
But some reason they dont fit
Some reason they dont get
Why they always become formers
My manifest destiny...
Los Angeles, eriCalifornia

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Sunday, December 19, 2010

For Jynine (JOATMON)

Alone so for long, I wrote so many poems
So many sad songs, for girls so far so gone
Sung about my nightmares but never bout my dreams
But this right here, this ones for Jynine
I took too long, them other girls were scenes
You missed the Lion, but you’ll be for the fin

We first crossed paths in the Spring
I was on my way out, you were thinking of coming in
All you saw down @ Baylor
That I was some crazy Omega
This was your first scene
I never knew what you could bring
Bing, saw you when ya came down for orientation
I was there helping my self to the future sensations
That’s when we met eyes, which increased my temptation
I rushed home clicked add, and awaited the MS confirmation
Hell yea I found you, baby I was bound too
School was a month a way, my orbit you’d be around soon
I couldn’t wait, I wanted you now boo
Got the number, Tx summer, so we
Up up and away
Talked on the phone all night, texted each other all day
I never knew you steal every scene away


School started, the pool parted, but it became populated
All the fresh fish, had a nigga discombobulated
I knew I liked what I saw, but I still aint know you
That you was a really a woman, you still aint show boo
I had fell hard once, and recently had been tripped again
Tore love’s ligaments, wasn’t tryin to slip again
So I started to dip again….again….again….and again
I had a gotten away with it, before that year
I had gotten away from them, but not you dear
It seemed, people couldn’t speak my name with out yours
Like Me Rhyan, in 05 when I was in Martin 4th Floor
We came synonymous, like like and feeling
It was so uncommon that I liked that feeling
Even though haven’t yet made to duo
I know well never fall off like Pluto


Sorry for making you wait Jy…My
Feelings were always there even if I aint show em
Feelings were always there how didn’t you know know em
My….b, eautiful less than 3 <3
Emoiticon, but nothing is robotic
This smiley has a body, and you put the heart inside it


Jack of All Trades...Master of None


I am hip hop's petro
The oil is the ghetto
The beat is a Citgo-The central
Nevous system is angst and aggression
Thanks Mr. Reagen and thank the depression-Digestion
People's lives look inside its intestines
See Tyrone, Julio, Thien, and Preston

One hand on the the trigger, one hand on the figures
One hand on the liquor, one hand on the swisher
One hand on the wheel, one hand out the window
Four Fingers Down, to the world of hating ass niggas
One Foot in Jordans, One foot in gators
Both legs on the court, but two different spectators
Judge, jury defendant and bailiff
Coach, referee, fans and players

Eyes in the apartments, tears flood the pavement
Potholes are the pools and its such an odd placement
Cant no one swim, so when they drown there is noone to save them
Dreams and miracles are on time bill payments

Everyone wants a loaf but they fighting over crumbs
So they toast brains for grains, aint got enough for the crust of the bun
Son! Its son's are sons of sons
Sons of a Bitches and Son of a guns
Believe more in the son of sam then the son of Lamb
But best believe they hit they knees when He comes again
He used syringes to teeth when his teeth were coming in-Stumbling
First steps over pots and pans
Pails full of banking soda, crack rocks in its box of sand
Drop the hand Mr. DJ, scratch and fade
If you dont wanna wipe out then catch the wave
Hip Hops at high tide, yet still cresting and forming
So if you thought the storm was a problem
I'm a fucking Tsunami

Jack of All Trades...Master of None