Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Picture of You...(JOATMON)

My screen saver was scrolling through my photos one day,
And as I looked up it came across my favorite picture of you

Your hair isn’t done
Your make up is half on
You’re dressed down
You aren’t even smiling
The photographer didn’t use flash, so it’s a little dim
And his hands are shaky, so it’s a tad blurry
It’s at a bad angle, and you have red eye

But I am in it too...
That's why my favorite picture of you is one of us.
Because that’s how I think about you
That’s how I still feel about you

May favorite picture of you…is we.
Because that’s they only place we exist.


Friday, June 26, 2009


This isn’t a love poem, it’s an US poem

Why write about something intangible

Indefinable, Incomprehensible

Unmanageable, unreliable?


No, I scribe scripts of surety, of purity

Dreams are deferrable

But reality is occurable

Occurred and Occurring-Reassuring

“What is” is great!

“That what may be” is not will


When you touch me

My hair levitates, goosebumps knot

And nerve endings fire like Black Cats


When you call my name

My ears while ringing, are soothed,

Heart accelerates

Perspire, yet inspired

It’s like you and my heart conspire


And when you smile at me….Girl when you smile at me!

Please smile at me?

I want to feel what I can’t explain


But this isn’t a poem about love

It’s a poem about US.


Our successes, our failures

Our history, our present

Our fights, our discoveries

Our kisses, our hugs



I am not in love with you…

But I am absolutely, head over heels, crazy about US!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sing, Dance, Love (JOATMON)

Love sings...
Sometimes it crescendos
Running through the scales
Leaping octaves
Sometimes shrilling
Always thrilling
Wish it was legato
Hate the rest, but need the breaths
Keeps me high as sopranos and deep as bass
Maybe acapella but always accompanied

Love dances...
The physical manifestation of elation
The ballet that tap dances my heart rate
My mind waltzes while my feet tango
Tangled in the inescapable mambo of miracle
It breakdances my fears
Giving me the swagger to surf
Always feeling dougie fresh
Like the first time, never rusty, always cranked
Some it shimmys, some it trains, but my love hops
Soaring towards my star, you

Sing, Dance, Love
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Track One (

“I got a Dapper Swagger, A Fresher Fly”

Yo its Eklipse, PhreakyPhipps, TRP, The Lone Star Star…I’m refered by a lot, but I am highly referenced. Born in the late 80s, raised in the 90s, and matured and in the early 2K and now I’m becoming more seasoned; call me Tony’s. Straight Out of Dallas, TX, Dolla$, TX, Big D, Triple D, The Dirty Dirty D, The D, Dino aka Boogie City. Check me on youtube showing my skills, but my channel is

“I’m always Right, an Acute case of being Obtuse”

This is my culture blog. My Hip Hop blog. My life blog. Me. I will be writing about what moves me not just what makes motions. I love Hip Hop, but I LOVE MUSIC and am truly a mosaic of a man.

“I’m Back but I Gotta Leave”

Stay Tuned, Tune In, and never Tune Out. The Revolution will not be broadcasted but you will be able to download the podcast. I’m Internet Swag Surfin.

Dapper Swagger

Same Difference, Differance Same (

John Edwards famously coined the "Two Americas" rhetoric and President Barack Obama is known for his "There is no red America or blue America, only the United States of America", but it doesn't take rhetoricians to tell us that we are community of individuals. No we see that in our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our counties, or states, or regions, or coast, our home countries and our world.

We all have the same differences. We are all an interpretation of the myriad of experiences that life leads us through. We are all children, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents or parents of someone. And at least we are all are someones friends and most first and last we are Humans; rank nationality anywhere between.

No I am not an anarchist or against America. I am not a traitor. I am a human and that classification above all else means more than any man made intangible label designed to make sense of this incomprehensible world, corrupted by high level animals.

But I am an American, and to be a true America is to realize that our differences are the same. WE are a nation of people believing in the grace of liberty, the power of justice and the spirit of freedom. Besides the Native Americas, we are a country of immigrants, founded, designed, built, carried and loved by the hope in their hearts, the ingenuity in their minds and diversity of their cultures.
We are NOT a Melting Pot.
We are A Stew Pot.
We are NOT a land of opportunity.
We are A land of possibility.

Everything we are not, makes us everything we are. We Are...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm So

I’m So…

I’m sooooo hungry
But I don’t wan to get up
The fridge is too far
And there is nothing to microwave
Plus Family Guy is on – I LOVE STEWIE!
But I’m soooo damn hungry

I’m sooooo thirsty
But I don’t want to get up
The fridge is too far
And we only have tap water
Plus it’s the episode when Stewie beats up Brian
But I’m sooooo damn thirsty

I’m soooo tired
But I don’t want to go to sleep
The bed is too far
And I might miss something
Here it comes “Where’s My Money Man?”
But I’m soooo damn tired

I’m soooo hungry and the fridge is full
I’m soooo thirsty and the ice is cold
I’m soooo sleepy and I’m laying on the couch

But I’m soooo lazy…

Inspired by Bob Marley - "In an abundance, the fool is thirsty"
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Parade

It rained all night

Dreaming, seemingly even bringing rocks to life

The clouds have eclipsed the sun, fogs everywhere

Inviting me, enticing me, to return to the air

But it’ll be stayed, because today is my day

Family united, with frowns upon their face

Even though I’m in the shade

I’m still here don’t be afraid

It’s my last parade

The tear stained trail behind, the sunlit path ahead

Nothings guaranteed

Hopes on the horizon, faith guides my feet

Life is what leads

No matter the confetti of cries,

No balloons of sadness will eclipse the skies

The memories will entertain us

The memories will sustain us

The memories will not constrain us

The memories contain the

Laughter, smiles, keys to keep on keeping on

Keep your head high, don’t weep on see the sun

My paths already paved, the route of my last parade

The procession proceeds

A collection of leaves

Though tattered, though scattered, they matter

Even without a connection to trees

On my erection it reads...both my birth dates

Last one’s bigger, reason why we here in the first place

Worst case scenario-No heaven, No worries

There is still life after, I’m not buried

Not in the photos, assets or accomplishments

In the hearts, heads and accomplishments

Of those I helped, facilitated or inspired

The wingless phoenix, comes back in the fire

Of those who eyes I stirred up ire

The casket can no longer be stayed

For I have already been prayed

I have been lifted, now lowered, yet I’m unafraid

of the end of my last parade…

Inspired by Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day