Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christopher Columbus (JOATMON)

Even through confusion we found fusion
No need for menus, we both order us
Love of a lifetime, Haley’s Comet
But now...we just living off its’ starry dust
Going through the motions like black hair…
Why has this conditioner harden us?
Proxy---bonded and bounded 2 oxy
Inhaling expletives from exasperation…it carboned us

Man we so far from us
Aliens in our abode, fucking feeling like foreigners-in love
Know the alphabets--not the language--it’s all Greek to me
A stack of words in this pic we painted, but you don’t speak to me
The only reason ya maintaining, cuz you texting them and me

After all these rabbits, monkeys and birds,
I know your faith is fatigued
But you camouflaging me with things from my days at the university
I thought we’d never vanquish, as long as we believed
Damn it’s so hard to sustain when all you see is sea

And you think the world ends, scared of La Niña
Cuz you fear all the niñas, think I’m gonna veer to India
We could discover a new world and eclipse Amerigo
Love conquers all, Cupids nature's imperial
Baby you can both fear it all and be inferior
But you wouldn’t be here at all, if we weren’t superior
It may take a miracle

Either bounce or bounce if ya wit me
...memories only count if ya with me
Recount all the mini-memories is like accounting for pennies
But then it amounts to a mountain of plenty
reasons we even was, are and will be
Ounces...There’s no many without any

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I predicted this would happen, but I still wasn't prepared 
Indigently steered in to the wall, and prayed to be spared
Read the revelations from the glass tablet, but I was deafened from the blare
Herald from Seer and heeled by the Sayer

Reared in the womb of her problems
Still neutered off her
Now outgrown the pot of closed doors
But still rooted in her
Tried to detour this runaway train
But still routed to her
Screaming my love through tears that puddle on my screen
But they muted to her

Am I suited for her?
Haute Couture or Tailored
Obscured by the ones from Baylor
I seen the trailer
Wasn't ready for a sequel
The aim was to keep you
So I was game for a reboot
Didn't know I was in the lane for a lame reshoot

Action, Take a zillion
Can't say I hate the persons, but I do hate the feelings
Filled in 
Cavity carved the fleeting love of those women
But those are those women

I chose woman, but I knows women
Men go hunting 
Women they go fishing
But is it so different
To kill or be caught 
They live to be hooked 
Ain't lived till I shot

Baby you were gone before you sent that text
Just cuz someone is new doesn't mean they are next...
....delete message...
...are you sure....
....New Message

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Entrance (JOATMON)

Enter me! 
The road from an embryo to an entity
I've lost it all..
Bye virginity
Sayonara divinity
Left with my enemies 
Them or me, can't be haunted by their memory
In a Mexican Stand-Off with him, I, and inner me...

Don't be afraid!
Be Amazed!
The maze of a raisin in the sun
The raising of a son placed upon a mom
Who gave chase to her wants and never wafted from the brunt
I was made in a dorm
She never stayed in a dorm
She wasn't too dumb, she was just too young...

And dangerous is what they labeled me
My race so enabling
My color so disabling
Maybe I was born with it or maybe it was Maybeline
All made up-A cover
But it's hard to escape the scene
Reality bites I had to figure out away to dream
Over hungers growl, figure out away to sing
You know a hood nigga always had a way to scheme
Like Nino puffin cigars in the carter hid a way like kings...

Of Princes of Paupers-No visit from papa
But he didn't know he had to visit the bastard
Its hard to write that sentence, the pastor
Told me God's my father
You mean the same dude who is the cause of the Christmas disaster
Unwrapping next months late rent
Both them niggas missing in action

Fathers found in my features made in both likenesses
Never thought I turn on TV and see him, I might as well try the shit
I was scared to meet him, didn't think I was man enough
But he stepped up to the plate taught me about manning up

And down
I been making moves since the OJ Trial News
How he gonna show me how to be me…how to be He?
How to be Me?
Why? Because my mother was paying bills
When I wasn't dodging detention I was avoiding getting killed
What's the problem with me sagging, I ranked number 14?
Where he saw potential I couldn't.
He just wanted more for me

To the world I was just adolescent adder
Where you saw a man, I saw a ladder
I saw a gram, when I saw adult
Trying to support my fam, telling time by my shadow


Jack of All Trades...Master of None




Heisman to Hell (JOATMON)

Ain't no Vicodin for heart ache
p Running with the truth
White Bronco for the car chase
Absence of evidence is the evidence of absence
Sole witness to the presence of my present for they asses

Whats a crime without passion?
Especially when the passion is crime-She's mine Motherfucker!
I bought them panties you ripped off,
Makeup you messed up-You kissed death when you kissed her

I don't remember our first kiss
But I remember last ones, each one a special gift
I knew what I had, but you didn't know that I had it
Stolen by this nigga covered in blood and one of your fake eyelashes
Tragic? Bitch Please! You didn't suffer nan
I am a MotherKiller, instead of a MotherFucker now
You had kids by me, but you don't want a brother now?
Left him dead at the door, and dared him to say he loved her now
Man I wonder who's the owner of this glove I found?

The tragedy is that I gotta live knowing that I failed
For the first time in my life, and I can't let that ship sail
I hope to end up where your eyes land
But now death to me is jail
It all started with a Heisman
It all ended up in Hell
....strike the pose...
...pull the gun away from your head...

Jack of All Trades...Master of None