Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Favorite Memory of You...(JOATMON)

As I was cleaning my room yesterday, I came across a picture of you
As I gazed into your red eyes, I remembered my favorite memory of you

You’re hair is askew
Your make up is running
You’re face is flush
You aren’t even looking at me
You were in this room, at that door
The yells drowning in the tears
I reached out to you…
You reached out to me…
And you left...

Left me…left Us…
That's why my favorite memory of you is the last one.
The last time “US” existed
The final time We were

My favorite memory of you is Our break up.
Because that’s only place We exist
…in the end.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Optical Coitus (JOATMON)

As I was grooving in the club, I peered in to the crowd
As I scan the roomed--Our eyes met
Seemingly destined
Instantly consuming
Penetrating our perception

Time froze as our bodies rose
Into the sky, into each other
As our iris’ engaged in intercourse
Our hearts raced, our minds lagged
And our adrenaline rushed

Competing to see, who would let go first
We were transfixed on transmitting our inner tempest
I never felt so alive

I wanted her to feel, everything I ever felt for a woman
Our eyes made contact, but our bodies touched

As I walked closer and closer
The temperature soared higher and higher
Our hearts beat faster and faster
Our sweat poured and poured

And just as I reached her, her boyfriend shook her free
But as she walked away, she looked back for a quickie


"Do You Want Her Back?!" (JOATMON)

As I was talking to Ms. Right Now, trying to seem like Mr. Right
She started asking me about them.
You know, the ones that got away.
I gave the mature reason that, “It didn’t work out.”
Then she asked about Her.
You know, the One that got away.

The One that used to set my sun and illuminated my nights
The One that helped me, that held me, that had me
The One that made me, me
The One that built me
The One that destroyed me

And I admitted this all, but again opted for the mature conclusion
“It didn’t work out.”

And as if she already new, smugly she inquired
“Do you want Her back?”

That was then, the past has passed,
“Do you want Her back?”

I’m a different person now, we are totally different people
“Do you want Her back?”

I pled until my tongue bled, my tear ducts dried and my saliva evaporated for Her to return, She didn’t so it’s done.

Yes! I want my sun to shine and my stars to illuminate!
I need Her to help me, to hold me, to have me!
To make me, me again!
To build me!
To re-destroy me!

“Ryan, did you hear me? Can I call you back?”

The conversation was all in my head
She didn’t ask me--I asked me, “Do you want Her…”


Monday, July 13, 2009

La Luz De Mi Vida (The Light of My Life) (JOATMON)

Like Christmas lights they cascade the sky,
Invade the eyes
The wonders, a parade of lights
Because a the top of the tree, my star shines,
Beams, radiates, illuminates, lights

My north star, creating an aurora borealis in my heart-
even when you are not here.
You are not here…
But you are in my thoughts, but I cannot see you
In my head, but I cannot hear you
In my heart, but I cannot feel you
In my dreams, but I can’t make memories with you

The memory with you
Feels like a century with you
Even though it was a minute with you
But is it eternal?

Estrella, the light of my night
Longing in my soul, para mi Sol, the light of my life

But the moon is fading
The sun’s invading
And you…you are gone…but not forgotten

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