Monday, March 29, 2010

Angels Remix (JOATMON)

I got tired of pleading
Ain't no angels for demons
So I hopped in the all white diablo speeding
Side chick @ the side, the daughter of a deacon
I call her on the weekends
To break her collar and make her knees bend...

So baby holler when the week ends
She know what is, what it was, what it will be
I do her so dirty, but I don't feel filthy
I'm the bailiff Why should I feel guilty?
I'm not accused or convicted
I just take'em to where they headed
Once the judging is committed

I'm a role player, an old player
Doing what I do till its time to go later
I don't remember the Alpha, but I'ma see the Omega
Sigma, the sum of it all
We all know a rise comes with a fall
but sometimes I don't think the skies are coming @ all
My heavens between women's thighs and their comings the call

Haloess and wingless
I left mars, skipped earth and now I'm stranded on Venus
It's hotter closer to the sun
But I'll do what I need to feel closer to the son
So I strap on my jet pack
I got a new chick jet black
Ass like a mule, tight abs, with a wet cat
She think I'm Mr. Right
I don't even see a Misses
I do my dirt with God as a witness
I'll fuck an angel till he listens

Inspired by Dirty Money - Angels


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