Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Sprout (JOATMON)

We were victims of youth
Suffered from the symptoms of truth
Now to you it was fiction, a dupe
Confused, by the white suit of a love so new
We had the condition of tooth
Armor was enamel
Even though enamored, we weren't armed for a hammer
Love became luv, broken hearts like our grammar
Hands burned by the wax from the flickering candle

Too bad we were affixed to our ages
On each other we were fixated
In you're eyes I saw my life, and my sunshine in the reflection off your big braces
Our break was hard to fix because we had to skip spaces
Its hard to step up the stairs as a pair when your landings in different stages

And you lie in different places, with different people...placeholders
Replacement players took their glow to shine and takeover
We got drunk of local affection, the long distance made it hard to stay sober
No need for calling or texting, physically connected to others
Became dejected and towards the west we turned our rudders

Even after all these years I still smile when I hear ya name
Or whenever I see the flower labeled the same
What we had was an umbrella of us despite the supercell of doubt
So although it never blossomed it was the most beautiful sprout

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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