Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Poetry - Niggology (The Study of Niggas)

I have being using this term Niggology( The biology of Niggas), for a while as a joke. i blame my Niggology for my ignate lol, yes ignate behavior lol. Its something, that happned in my Nigetics (Genetics), my DNA, has red kooliaid, mixed with the sugars, and my helix is coated in chicken grease. My proteins are steriod induced cuz of all that damn genetically enhacned chicken from Churches. lol dont listen to me, read the poem, and if u dont understand it REad a Book.

Niggology now is the Study of Niggas, and this is the summation of the entire field of study/career path/life lol. Enjoy


Look at Chronology to being the Sociology
You got to start at the past to understand the Biology
Look at me to see their Archaeology
I am what remains... in my Hematology
You can begin Palaeontology sooo-Just Listen!
You can't forgo Audiology
Go past Optometry, deep to Ophthalmology
There's more under the skin, Fuck Dermatology!
Really study my Cardiology and Neurology
Don't limit it to music, which seems to to be the Hip Hopcracy (Hypocrisy)
Look at Criminology, its all based on my Ethnology
We are the basis of Cytology
When they study our Psychology, why do they start at Zooology?
What we too low for Anthropology?
Why is my reality Mythology?
Look at our Ecology to understand our Biology.
Guns are the highest Technology
Cell phone and microwaves complete Radiology
And yall wonder why every second we give Lobotomies
Fuck Cosmetology I wanna Monopoly
Ignorant Ideologies validate my Toxology
Trap or Die! It's not an ultimatum its a Theology
That's why studying crack, is Ghetto Geology
But Even PhDs still fall to Crypt-ology
Its not Cryptology, its my life follow me...
I know its hard to swallow me, with ology Terminology
But I'm an Apologist, so no apologies
And I cite the streets as my sources, so I don't Need a Bibliography
And that concludes my summation on Niggology.

., lol alot of yall will need it.
Hema = blood
Cy = cell, i use it as a play, jail cells

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