Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seasons (with sound recording)

Chorus: x2
Separated in the summer
Divorced in the winter
Thought the whole autumn we'd be over our problems
Then I spent the spring yelling questions to my King
These Seasons, These Seasons Change

We parted when it was hottest
I didn't mind the tan, but can't varnish the tarnish
If we couldn't be forever... then we couldn't be together
If we couldn't whether the weather
Then we can be whatever whenever -Never
Where we wore last
Ever more in the past
Please hurry up pass

Change these Seasons Change

Should have known we'd fall in the fall
Bare like trees it leaves like leaves
Slowly but surely once the sun had sung
One the sun was gone
It was done. It
I hoped for a part two
A return to sender on that parcel
A new season on this cartoon -CANCELED
Late it was far to
Where are you?
Besides my heart and my head
I'm not apart from the living but I'm a part of the...dead


It ended in the winter
Destroyed any glimmer that shun through the window
I was a dumb nigga, thinking you weren't done when ya
Told me in December...but only Feb I remember
I didn't think you'd run but baby you were gone
Sorry you are gone-But you are home
Im homeless, roming on and on

These Seasons These Seasons Change

Spring sprung, and I still was
Between March Madness and April Showers I could fill up
The an ocean with tears
All I could feel was...nothing no fear
My heart chilled up - Gaping open no spill
No blood build up
I just can't forget it but you can
My mind on loop, like Sam the Toucan
Because my dreams you am...
...Actually you are
Keep telling my self one day
Because soon seems too far


Been writing it for a while, but I finally finished. Basically about a breakup and how breaking up, can break the individual in the process.

Listen here

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