Sunday, March 22, 2009

She Likes Me...She Loves Me (w/ sound recording)

She likes me
I can feel it through her glare
Even when she is away I can feel it in the air
I felt in her cries, I felt in her tears
I can feel it in her screams, losing me is her biggest fear
This has been the weirdest year
From Heartbreak to Heartache - How did I get here?
Back to happiness how do I even get near
And does path lead back to my ex dear
Still ain't had a next dear
Its getting closer to next year
Went from D to P to N, Whats the next gear?
Or do I need a new transmission
It seems to be stuck, the switches ain't transmitting
My mind is awake, my heart is asleep
My will is so strong, but my strength is so weak

She loves me
She's giving more than she's getting
Her brain is yelling stop, but her heart won't listen
She's stuck on autopilot, stuck on automatic
She keeps saying she's had it
But she gots to have it
Withdrawl is a bitch & to me she's an addict
In our house of "us" she already the addict
I panic...
Because it has a shaky foundation
I been there before, I still have the lacerations
I'm trying to be patient, tired of being pains patient
Reinforcin, every wall, making
Sure every beams in place &
Testing, taking my time making
It not just something to stand on
But something to land on

She likes me, She loves me
She loves me, She likes me

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