Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Social Networking (JOATMON)

Facebook pulls you up as a "Friend I May Know"
May know?! Quite a bit, I'd say so
All up in my news feed
It's like I got a Ustream
Maybe a tributary
Because I'm cut off--My river ran into the cemetery
It's selfish, but it hurts more to see your happy updates
Flipping through our old tagged photos keeps me up late

This wouldn't be if I could have had everything my way
Since it ended I can't even look at MySpace
You still my Top Friend, I can't change it
It hurts too much rearrange it

I start to sweat at the sight of ya @mentions
Twitter got me bitter, but I act like I pay it no @tention
But you have been pounded in my mind
#You the trending topic
It seems to follow @you and I cant stop it

I see you log on and I feel even more miserable
Because I need you, but to you my status is invisible
I try to stay in your life by sending an occasional message
It hurts trying to fit in your life, that's why hearts aren't a shape in tetris
But pathetically i still log on
Because my home page is you.com



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