Sunday, June 27, 2010

Midnight Breeze (JOATMON)

It's funny how that the only constant is change
Yet no matter how wounded, you remain
In my veins coursing, in my stomach digesting
On my bones engulfing, in my mind infecting
She came, she came, she came, and she came
She left, she left, she left, and she left...I was a just bishop in the game

I thought that what was...was
But it is, and still is when we met eyes
Face so familiar, but the time has waned
Feelings so familiar, but oh so not the same
The woman I want, and wanted is gone
And you are the shell, the droid, the pawn
But as I walked away, stirred yet eased

Your memory, your name covered when the midnight breezed
...and off it blew...
...and with it...
I flee...


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