Thursday, January 6, 2011

De(a)f Poetry (JOATMON)

This is not Deaf Poetry
Words simply scrawled, typed or signed is just fore-play
They can not grab you, throw you against a wall, stare you right in your eyes and engulf you like passionate screams, uncontrollable rambles, and satisfied yet exhausted whispers
It is for those who see without seeing
But it is not for the blind
Braille fails to raise my words from hands to hearts
Those bumps cannot detail, the relieving inhales, exasperating exhales and Barackish pauses
Not for emphasis, but for synthesis
Nary Morse coded sentences can beep exclamation, beeeeeeeeep exhilaration or beep-frustration...
It's stanza-ed it's scripted
It's random, it's rhythmic
It rhymes, it's written,
It's read, yet illustrates unfathomable pictures

This is not Def Poetry
The cadence isn't chained, enslavement to whats on stations
It's not at all just for audio
75 percent of language is inaudible
Its Pentecostal
So you will mishear if your tongue is from what my body do
No incense, bare-feet, dreads and dashikis
You don't need to have only watched B.E.T.V
My flow is water....colorless
A robust, tasteless, fulfilling, insatiable treasure hidden in front of your eyes for you to discover it
This is not Deaf Poetry
This is not Def Poetry
Yea...this is definitely poetry

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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