Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christopher Columbus (JOATMON)

Even through confusion we found fusion
No need for menus, we both order us
Love of a lifetime, Haley’s Comet
But now...we just living off its’ starry dust
Going through the motions like black hair…
Why has this conditioner harden us?
Proxy---bonded and bounded 2 oxy
Inhaling expletives from exasperation…it carboned us

Man we so far from us
Aliens in our abode, fucking feeling like foreigners-in love
Know the alphabets--not the language--it’s all Greek to me
A stack of words in this pic we painted, but you don’t speak to me
The only reason ya maintaining, cuz you texting them and me

After all these rabbits, monkeys and birds,
I know your faith is fatigued
But you camouflaging me with things from my days at the university
I thought we’d never vanquish, as long as we believed
Damn it’s so hard to sustain when all you see is sea

And you think the world ends, scared of La Niña
Cuz you fear all the niñas, think I’m gonna veer to India
We could discover a new world and eclipse Amerigo
Love conquers all, Cupids nature's imperial
Baby you can both fear it all and be inferior
But you wouldn’t be here at all, if we weren’t superior
It may take a miracle

Either bounce or bounce if ya wit me
...memories only count if ya with me
Recount all the mini-memories is like accounting for pennies
But then it amounts to a mountain of plenty
reasons we even was, are and will be
Ounces...There’s no many without any

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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