Thursday, August 9, 2012


I predicted this would happen, but I still wasn't prepared 
Indigently steered in to the wall, and prayed to be spared
Read the revelations from the glass tablet, but I was deafened from the blare
Herald from Seer and heeled by the Sayer

Reared in the womb of her problems
Still neutered off her
Now outgrown the pot of closed doors
But still rooted in her
Tried to detour this runaway train
But still routed to her
Screaming my love through tears that puddle on my screen
But they muted to her

Am I suited for her?
Haute Couture or Tailored
Obscured by the ones from Baylor
I seen the trailer
Wasn't ready for a sequel
The aim was to keep you
So I was game for a reboot
Didn't know I was in the lane for a lame reshoot

Action, Take a zillion
Can't say I hate the persons, but I do hate the feelings
Filled in 
Cavity carved the fleeting love of those women
But those are those women

I chose woman, but I knows women
Men go hunting 
Women they go fishing
But is it so different
To kill or be caught 
They live to be hooked 
Ain't lived till I shot

Baby you were gone before you sent that text
Just cuz someone is new doesn't mean they are next...
....delete message...
...are you sure....
....New Message

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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