Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Do You Want Her Back?!" (JOATMON)

As I was talking to Ms. Right Now, trying to seem like Mr. Right
She started asking me about them.
You know, the ones that got away.
I gave the mature reason that, “It didn’t work out.”
Then she asked about Her.
You know, the One that got away.

The One that used to set my sun and illuminated my nights
The One that helped me, that held me, that had me
The One that made me, me
The One that built me
The One that destroyed me

And I admitted this all, but again opted for the mature conclusion
“It didn’t work out.”

And as if she already new, smugly she inquired
“Do you want Her back?”

That was then, the past has passed,
“Do you want Her back?”

I’m a different person now, we are totally different people
“Do you want Her back?”

I pled until my tongue bled, my tear ducts dried and my saliva evaporated for Her to return, She didn’t so it’s done.

Yes! I want my sun to shine and my stars to illuminate!
I need Her to help me, to hold me, to have me!
To make me, me again!
To build me!
To re-destroy me!

“Ryan, did you hear me? Can I call you back?”

The conversation was all in my head
She didn’t ask me--I asked me, “Do you want Her…”


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