Monday, July 13, 2009

La Luz De Mi Vida (The Light of My Life) (JOATMON)

Like Christmas lights they cascade the sky,
Invade the eyes
The wonders, a parade of lights
Because a the top of the tree, my star shines,
Beams, radiates, illuminates, lights

My north star, creating an aurora borealis in my heart-
even when you are not here.
You are not here…
But you are in my thoughts, but I cannot see you
In my head, but I cannot hear you
In my heart, but I cannot feel you
In my dreams, but I can’t make memories with you

The memory with you
Feels like a century with you
Even though it was a minute with you
But is it eternal?

Estrella, the light of my night
Longing in my soul, para mi Sol, the light of my life

But the moon is fading
The sun’s invading
And you…you are gone…but not forgotten

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