Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Optical Coitus (JOATMON)

As I was grooving in the club, I peered in to the crowd
As I scan the roomed--Our eyes met
Seemingly destined
Instantly consuming
Penetrating our perception

Time froze as our bodies rose
Into the sky, into each other
As our iris’ engaged in intercourse
Our hearts raced, our minds lagged
And our adrenaline rushed

Competing to see, who would let go first
We were transfixed on transmitting our inner tempest
I never felt so alive

I wanted her to feel, everything I ever felt for a woman
Our eyes made contact, but our bodies touched

As I walked closer and closer
The temperature soared higher and higher
Our hearts beat faster and faster
Our sweat poured and poured

And just as I reached her, her boyfriend shook her free
But as she walked away, she looked back for a quickie


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