Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Entrance (JOATMON)

Enter me! 
The road from an embryo to an entity
I've lost it all..
Bye virginity
Sayonara divinity
Left with my enemies 
Them or me, can't be haunted by their memory
In a Mexican Stand-Off with him, I, and inner me...

Don't be afraid!
Be Amazed!
The maze of a raisin in the sun
The raising of a son placed upon a mom
Who gave chase to her wants and never wafted from the brunt
I was made in a dorm
She never stayed in a dorm
She wasn't too dumb, she was just too young...

And dangerous is what they labeled me
My race so enabling
My color so disabling
Maybe I was born with it or maybe it was Maybeline
All made up-A cover
But it's hard to escape the scene
Reality bites I had to figure out away to dream
Over hungers growl, figure out away to sing
You know a hood nigga always had a way to scheme
Like Nino puffin cigars in the carter hid a way like kings...

Of Princes of Paupers-No visit from papa
But he didn't know he had to visit the bastard
Its hard to write that sentence, the pastor
Told me God's my father
You mean the same dude who is the cause of the Christmas disaster
Unwrapping next months late rent
Both them niggas missing in action

Fathers found in my features made in both likenesses
Never thought I turn on TV and see him, I might as well try the shit
I was scared to meet him, didn't think I was man enough
But he stepped up to the plate taught me about manning up

And down
I been making moves since the OJ Trial News
How he gonna show me how to be me…how to be He?
How to be Me?
Why? Because my mother was paying bills
When I wasn't dodging detention I was avoiding getting killed
What's the problem with me sagging, I ranked number 14?
Where he saw potential I couldn't.
He just wanted more for me

To the world I was just adolescent adder
Where you saw a man, I saw a ladder
I saw a gram, when I saw adult
Trying to support my fam, telling time by my shadow


Jack of All Trades...Master of None




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