Monday, December 27, 2010

Long Gone (JOATMON)

You don't know what you feel...
Because you feel who you don't know
You don't know whats real
You just sit back and wait for the truth to show
Yea its gonna bug me for you to go
I can see it all, it happened so quick but its moving slow
The smile, the raise eyed brow, scowl, straight face
You just go out outta danger, thought you were in a safe place
In you i found more potential regret than a thousand men could forget
Never ever thought I'd be checked
You started playing checkers with pieces for chess
I thought I could be the greatest champion of this challenge
But you straight cross me over like when Jordan met Allen
That stumble wont hurt my legacy
but i''ll always wonder the deposits in the accounts that we left of We
Accrue interest of something we'll never see
What was aint what is, what we were will never be
We are what we are you know damn well I could have took you the stars boo
But I aint gonna argue, you was either gonna leave now or leave later
Sister girl, we hatched something that was a gift for the creator
Before our love bird could fly it had to sing its swan song
I was going long, looked around, and you were Long...Gone
...So long lone

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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