Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eriCalifornia (JOATMON)

You took the sunshine away from Texas
...well from me when you took your exit
Cali dreaming became your reality
Living your dreams became my fatality
1 of 3 but really 1 of 1
Exclusive, elusive... 1 of none

Our perfect match was riddled with indecision
On my part, on my heart were still gaps from her incision
I was still bleeding couldn't you see the bandages?
I still needed healing

But you didn't want to wait though
I never thought the miles could be extended between Denton and Waco
Hours became days
We went months without talking even the shade started to fade
We both have put people on the bus
Passengers and Drivers of Broken Heart Anonymous
We like to pretend that it'll happen someday
Some way, one day right now is just a really long Sunday

Who knows if its a vacation
Since us has been vacated, others have tried to make accommodations
But some reason they dont fit
Some reason they dont get
Why they always become formers
My manifest destiny...
Los Angeles, eriCalifornia

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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